Policies for Tenants:

Trash Policy:

All trash should be bagged and placed in the dumpsters located to the right of 256 Parker Hill (as you face the front). Trash should NEVER be left in the hallways or around the building.

If you need to dispose of a large item you must call the office to coordinate pickup.

Recycling containers and are located in the same area as the dumpsters, and are clearly labeled. Please break down all boxes. Commingling of recyclable materials is allowed.

Mailbox Labels:

PPMG will label mailboxes accordingly; for any changes contact the office. You are NOT allowed to handwrite names on the labels. Any labels with handwritten names on them will be removed until proper notice has been given to our office that changes are needed.

Online Portal Activation:

You will receive an e-mail invitation to activate your online portal. If you rent a parking space, YOU MUST create a second account for that space. Assuming you use the same login credentials, the system will recognize it and merge both apartment and parking accounts under that login. IMPORTANT: Payments must be made separately by selecting "View Another Unit" on your portal.

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Rent received after the 1st is subject to a late fee, per your lease agreement.

Utility Companies:

  • Electricity: Eversouce 800.592.2000
  • Gas: National Grid 800.732.3400
  • Gas (Emergency): National Grid Emergency Hotline 800.231.5325
  • Cable Television & Internet: Comcast 800.266.2278
You must call to set up utility accounts in your name prior to your move-in.

Towing Policy:

Spaces are only allowed to be used by tenant or with tenant's permission. If you park in any PPMG lot without authorization your car will be towed at your expense. This applies even if you rent a parking space, but park in a different space that is not assigned to you. If you are unable to park in your assigned space, because someone else has taken it without your authorization, please call Robert's Towing at 617.782.0800.

Maintenance Requests:

You MUST submit maintanence requests through the online portal, email to maintenance@parkpmg.com, or by phoning the office. No other means of reporting issues is valid.

Bedbugs Warning:

While it is tempting to take second hand furniture during a move, please think twice before doing so. Bed bugs infestations are on the rise and a common way to pick them up is through used furniture.